Learn to enjoy life, no matter what the world throws at you.

Find peace of mind at any time

Find the resources you need to feel rooted. Even when the world—or your own brain—is at its worst.

More Resilience is a platform built to equip you with the tools to handle difficult times. We created this space as the COVID-19 pandemic locked us indoors and out of our normal lives.

We hope this helps. 💖

Cultivate More Resilience

Resilience Course
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We are currently developing online resources to help you understand your state of mind (it's not what you think). These resources are in the works so feel free to reach out with any special requests.

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Resilience Stories

Read about stories of resilience right here on our blog.
We are working to include more partners in these stories and are excited to bring you more and more enlightening and diverse stories.

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We've put together a list of free resources for whenever you need a little bit of support. In these tough times, it may take us a moment to recover. These things can help you find your way back to yourself.


If you have…
✔️ lost a job,
✔️ struggled with health,
✔️ seen your company or project crash,
✔️ had a hard time with your relationships,
✔️ felt stressed, overwhelmed and overworked,
✔️ had to adapt to a different financial situation,
✔️ found it hard to keep going in times of uncertainty,

we are happy to welcome you here. 🤗

Resilience Stories

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