When life gets hard, we may feel like we don't have any resources to handle it. The reality is that we do; but it can take a little bit of guidance to remember them... or uncover them for the first time.

Here are some resources we've compiled for you. We hope you find something helpful.

*More Resilience is not affiliated with any of these resources. We're simply passing them on in case they can be helpful for you.

20 minutes to build resilience

Image of Sheryl Sandberg's book "Option B: facing adversity, building resilience and finding joy". Next to it, a quote: "When life pulls you under, you can kick against the bottom, break the surface, and breathe again." by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

You might know Sheryl Sandberg from her TED talks or business books. In this 20-minute video course, she dives into how to grow resilience even after experiencing world-upending tragedy. With the help of psychologist Adam Grant, she discusses how to reimagine and rebuild your life when option A is no longer available to you.

This is a LinkedIn Learning course, but you can get a 1-month trial to watch it for free (just remember to cancel your membership on time.)

Watch now: Option B: Building Resilience
If you're more of a reader, visit their website: Option B

How meditation can change your life

You've heard it about a million times already: meditation is the thing to do. Meditation gurus talk about it as if it were a magical fix for all your problems. And yet, it can be really difficult to stick to it, let alone enjoy it.

So in this video, filmmaker Matt D'Avella interviews Sam Harris to get to the root of it. What is meditation, really? How does it work and why? And most importantly, how can we succeed at integrating it in our everyday life?

21 days of mindfulness and meditation

If committing to a challenge works well for you, give Petit Bambou's 5 steps to develop greater resilience a try. You've got 3 weeks to commit to a meditation and mindfulness habit. Your next 21 days will feature guided meditations, exercises and journal prompts to document your experience as you go along. Every step is planned out for you by Petit Bambou.

Petit Bambou is a meditation app that costs €5.99 per month. Please note that while some of their guided meditations are available for free, you will not be able to follow the entire 21-day program without purchasing a subscription for a month. Petit Bambou is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Take the challenge now: A Mindful Perspective

30-day yoga journey

It can be hard to commit to a fitness routine, especially when gyms are closed or we are simply stuck in our domestic routine. Adriene Mischler from Yoga with Adriene is a friendly yoga instructor who invites you time and time again to find what feels good. 

Every January, she shares a brand new 30-day yoga journey on YouTube. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, you can find something for you in this journey, and build up your skills, flexibility, strength and breath awareness over the 30 (or more) days. Of course, you are welcome to join this challenge in January, February, August... whenever you need to check in with yourself.

Take your first pose now: 30 Day Yoga Journey